St Matthew’s Church Fundraising Appeal

Over the next few years, we have two significant Restoration Projects to complete which will enable us to serve our community in this century as well as the last.

Built in 1886 and extended in 1914, St Matthew’s Church has been part of the spiritual, cultural and civic life of Hastings and Hawke’s Bay for generations. St Matthew’s is a regular place of worship, and continues to be the significant place to celebrate the milestones of life for many families, as the community comes together for baptisms, weddings and funerals.

St Matthew’s is also one of the most popular concert venues in the city, hosting numerous local, national and international choirs, orchestras and performers. St Matthew’s is a place of beauty and spirituality, celebration and solace, history and hope.

Whilst significant work was undertaken in St Matthew’s 12 – 15 years ago to restore and strengthen the building, the levels of compliance have shifted, and we are working with the latest earthquake strengthening technology to ensure preservation of both human life and building.

Our Parish Hall has many stories to tell of dances, youth groups, school functions, lunches, dinners and café nights before such things existed.  The time has come to ask what the needs of our community are now and in the years ahead.  We are progressing with this idea of what is fit for purpose as quickly as the funds will allow.

If you would like to know more please contact the Parish Priest Ven. David van Oeveren or you may wish to make a special donation:

ANZ 01 0646 0246683 01
Use your name as the reference and the code 500

Or you may wish to leave a legacy in your will. Please talk to us or your legal adviser about appropriate wording.