Our Hastings Churches and Places of Worship

St Matthew’s Church


St Matthew’s Church is a dramatic example of the Colonial Gothic Revival style of the 19th century in timber, and the Perpendicular Gothic of the early 20th century in concrete. It’s iconic both as a building and as a Hastings church, serving as a place of worship and a popular venue for concerts and events. The church is located in an open space with trees close to the CBD and contributes considerably to its aesthetic value, culture and spiritual wealth of the city.

Service times:

  • Every Sunday at 8am
  • Every Sunday at 10am
  • Every Thursday at 10.15am

St Peter’s Anglican Church


We relocated the small St Barnabas Church building onto the current Ada Street site in 1965 and renamed it St Peter’s Church. Over 1989 and 1990, we added an upstairs room, and over the years, made further changes to the interior to improve it as a place of worship for the people in our community. It now contains the main church worship area, Lady Chapel, two offices, a kitchen, toilets, a vestry and an upstairs storage and meeting area.

Service times:

  • Every Sunday at 10am

St Martin’s Community Hall


St Martin’s Community Hall is located not far from the Hastings CBD in the suburb of Mayfair. The venue offers a space for events, gatherings and fundraisers for families and to bring our community together. We hold a Messy Church once a month, which is a church for children and adults involving creativity, celebration and hospitality.

Service times:

  • Messy Church, last Sunday of every month from 4-6pm
    Includes an evening meal

We welcome all people to our services for worship.